Byron Katie, in her book I Need Your Love Is That True? said: There are two ways of being me. One is to hate it and one is to love it. Which will it be (since I don't have a choice but to be me)? There are many ways of exploring who we are and what we need. You can lose weight just by eating when you are hungry and stopping when the hunger signals go away.If we all ate ONLY when we were hungry, then no one would have any issue with food and weight and no one would have a weight problem.For most people, its not that simple.

How often are you letting hunger be the guide to your eating?And how many of your urges to eat are driven by physiological hunger?When we reach for food, it often has nothing to do with physiological hunger. Many people have lost the ability to feel their bodys hunger signals at all.Whats hunger got to do with it?Eating when hungry should be the simplest and most natural thing in the world. But its not.Next time you have an urge to eat, ask yourself . . . Am I hungry?If yes, great! Hunger is good. If no, what ARE you hungry for?

What do you need?Do you need energy, a lift, a boost in your day to get through what you need to do?Do you need to calm down? Most people live with a certain amount of stress and anxiety. It can be easily triggered. Your child acts out in school, and you worry about their future and whether you are a good enough parent.Or you have to make an important presentation at work and you are scared that you wont perform well.You feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on your to-do list and the anxious reality that you will never catch up.

You need to know that you can perform well, even under stressful circumstances.These are all needs they are just not FOOD needs. Yes food can give you temporary comfort.The problem comes when you start to experience the cost of that action. You may feel miserable and beat yourself up. Worst of all, you are caught in the same vicious cycle . . . . repeating the same pattern over and over again.Whatever you dont want to face will control you.If you dont like what you are doing, then you need to replace it with a different habit.So, when you find yourself reaching for food when you arent hungry, simply ask yourself am I hungry?If no . . . what do I need?Are you exhausted, and you need to rest . . . but you THINK you have to keep going?
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